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Dubai hummer desert safari:

Dubai hummer desert safari city of dreams, is an objective that needs no presentation. It is a blend of innovation and custom, extravagance and experience, all moved into one. Among the numerous attractions that Dubai brings to the table, one that stands apart is the Dubai Hummer Desert Safari. This exhilarating experience takes you on an excursion through the huge spread of the Middle Eastern desert, where you can encounter the genuine quintessence of this old land. In this satisfied, we will take you on a virtual visit through this remarkable experience, investigating everything from the historical backdrop of the Hummer to the elating exercises that look for you in the desert.

dubai hummer | dubai hummer desert safari | dubai desert safari

History of the Hummer Dubai Hummer Desert Safari

The Hummer is an unbelievable vehicle that has turned into a famous image of American culture. It was first presented in 1992 by AM General, an auxiliary of General Engines. The Hummer was planned as a tactical vehicle, however it immediately acquired fame among regular people because of its roughness and rough terrain capacities. The Hummer’s huge size and strong motor make it an optimal vehicle for navigating through unpleasant landscapes like deserts and mountains.

dubai hummer | dubai hummer desert safari | dubai desert safari

The Hummer’s prevalence in Dubai can be credited to its capacity to deal with the cruel desert conditions. The desert landscape is portrayed by sand ridges that can be deceptive for ordinary vehicles. The Hummer’s four wheel drive framework and key position leeway settle on it an optimal decision for exploring through these difficult landscapes. In addition, the Hummer’s size and weight give dependability and security during rapid moves on sand ridges.

Dubai Hummer Desert Safari Experience

The Dubai Hummer Desert Safari is an experience that consolidates rush, energy, and social drenching. The visit starts with a get from your inn or home in Dubai in a sumptuous cooled vehicle. The excursion to the desert requires about 45 minutes, during which you can appreciate amazing perspectives on the city horizon and the desert scene. When you arrive at the desert, you will be welcomed by our expert aides who will give you all the vital hardware and guidelines for the safari.

Dune Bashing Dubai Hummer Desert Safari

The primary action on the visit is Dune Bashing, which is an elating rough terrain driving experience through sand ridges. Our accomplished drivers will take you on an exhilarating ride through the desert territory at high rates while performing stunts like sideways floats and 360-degree turns. The adrenaline rush is unrivaled as you explore through steep ridges and profound valleys while getting a charge out of dazzling perspectives on the dusk over the desert skyline.

dubai hummer | dubai hummer desert safari | dubai desert safari

Camel Riding Dubai Hummer Desert Safari

After Dune Bashing, you will have the amazing chance to encounter conventional camel riding in the desert. Camels have been a fundamental piece of Middle Eastern culture for quite a long time, and riding them gives a special viewpoint of the desert scene. Our camels are thoroughly prepared and really focused on by our master controllers who will guarantee your security and solace during the ride. You can appreciate all encompassing perspectives on the desert while sitting on these glorious creatures as they navigate through sand ridges and rough landscapes.

Bedouin Camp Insight Dubai Hummer Desert Safari

The last movement on the visit is a visit to our customary Bedouin camp where you can drench yourself in Middle Eastern culture and friendliness. The camp is intended to imitate conventional Bedouin tents with low guest plans, covers, and pads that give an open to seating experience. You can appreciate conventional Arabic espresso, tea, and dates while paying attention to unrecorded music exhibitions by nearby craftsmen playing customary instruments like ouds and tablas.

Our master cooks will serve you a heavenly smorgasbord supper highlighting real Arabic dishes like barbecued meats, mixed greens, rice dishes, and sweets like baklava and gulab jamun. You can likewise take a stab at conventional exercises like henna painting, sand workmanship painting, shisha smoking (water line), and camel rides around the open air fire under brilliant skies.

dubai hummer | dubai hummer desert safari | dubai desert safari


The Dubai Hummer Desert Safari is a remarkable experience that joins rush, energy, and social drenching in one bundle. From ridge slamming to camel riding to Bedouin camp encounters, this visit offers something for everybody. Our expert aides guarantee your security and solace all through the visit while giving bits of knowledge into Bedouin culture and history. Whether you are a daredevil or a culture lover or only searching for a remarkable involvement with Dubai,

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